Failed Driving Test in Ontario

Failed Driving Test in Ontario: What Happens? & What To Do?

Wants to know what happens and what to do after failed driving test in Ontario?

Challenges in life come and go, leaving a print in your mind that lets you focus differently in other areas. Similarly, failing a driving test in Ontario is more like a setback. Remember, failure never defines a person. Instead, it is just a roadblock. With a few improvements, one can simply become a skilled licensed driver.

There are certain steps to follow in clearing a G1, G2, or full G license. Once you ace the test, you are good to go with taking the vehicle on the roads of Ontario.

Let’s convince you to put such intuitions aside and attempt the test. Here are some actionable tips to help you ace the next attempt.

Keep your eyes peeled because you will be unlocking another milestone in your life that ensures turning every roadblock into an accomplishment.

Driving Test In Ontario What Would Happen If You Fail?

G1 Test

Failing the G1 test might disappoint you, but it is okay. Your world doesn’t end here. You still have the option to retake the test and step ahead.

However, there is a cost for each retake. The retake incurs a fee of $16. It comes with the good news that the offer is limitless—you can attempt the G1 test infinitely many times.

One should take the opportunity to review the areas where they lack. With a little focus, one can improve their driving skills in no time. Also, you can consider practicing with a licensed driver, enrolling in a course, or taking an online practice exam. These practices help boost confidence and increase the chances of passing.

G2 Test

You might fail the G2 test, but that doesn’t mean you lost the G1 license. You can take a retest after a waiting period of at least 10 days.

Skilled drivers always recommend taking driving lessons. It helps in focusing on areas where improvement is much needed. Consult professional driving instructors who always provide valuable feedback and guidance concerning your individual needs.

In addition, make sure you invest in a Beginner Driver Education (BDE) course. It is a comprehensive training program covering a range of topics. The course is effective for learning basic driving skills and other defensive driving techniques. It significantly enhances your readiness for the road.

G Test

One can fail the G test, and it is not a big deal either. You won’t lose any existing licenses.

However, you need to achieve a graduating license again to qualify for another G test attempt. This requires starting with the G2 test. Also, there is a waiting period of at least 10 days before you appear in the G2 test again. Hence, you need to wisely assess your skills and address your weaknesses before attempting the test.

The best practice is to consult a qualified instructor or enrol in an advanced driving course. It will help in refining your abilities.

Always keep in mind that practice makes perfect. With the utmost dedication and perseverance, you can easily ace the driving license in Ontario.


Failing a driving test can be disheartening. It is always important to know what you are lacking. Set a schedule with a qualified instructor or enrol in online courses. It will help you achieve everything that you are looking for. Work on your driving skills, because only that can make the test easier for you.

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