Driving School in Markham

How To Choose the Right Driving School in Markham

Driving schools provide the right facilities and qualified instructors you need to learn to drive. However, choosing the right institution is important and will make a difference in your long-term driving skills. If you are looking for ways to choose the right driving school in Markham, Toronto, you have found the right article. Here are factors to consider when scouting for driving schools within the city:

Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Approval

Be sure to choose a school approved by the MTO and does not appear on the list of revoked schools. These government-approved centers usually have the required license and meet all requirements specified by the MTO.

One of these requirements is that the course should take place within one year. The required duration for the lesson is at least 10 or 20 hours, depending on whether you register for in-person classroom or in-vehicle instruction. There is also a minimum of 2-hour per day restriction for in-vehicle lessons. MTO-approved schools usually provide online certification for students after completion. Your driver record will also be updated through the MTO. 

Registering at an MTO-approved driving school is your best bet to becoming a skilled and responsible driver. Besides having a regulated curriculum and technical requirements, they also offer flexible instruction time. Most of these institutions can also take up to 40 students for in-person classes. However, during the in-vehicle session, an instructor cannot teach more than two students at once.

Instructor Qualification

While choosing your driving school in Markham, you should also do a background check on the instructors, ensuring they have the requisite certification and experience. The schools’ websites commonly state their instructors’ qualifications to stay ahead of competitors. Firstly, the instructor must have obtained a valid driving instructor license and passed the requisite test, including the G1 and G class road test.

The instructor must also have a clean driver abstract and must have obtained a Criminal Record and Justice Matters Check (CRJMC). With the CRMJC completed successfully, you can rest assured that your instructor is qualified to interact with minors, older people, and persons with disabilities. You can also confirm if your instructor has completed an MTO-approved driving instructor course. In addition, you can do a background check on the instructor’s teaching style to see if it aligns with your personal preference. 


The curriculum should also meet the MTO-required guidelines and time, such as 10 hours of in-vehicle instruction and 20 hours of classroom training. The skill level, whether expert or beginner, will also influence the curriculum. Ideally, the curriculum could cover.

  • Regulations and ethics for safe driving 
  • Defensive driving techniques 
  • Risk management 
  • Vehicle control 
  • Road tests preparation 
  • Safe driving practices 

A lot of driving schools add other elements to complement the core curriculum set by the MTO. For instance, they could include courses on driving under different kinds of weather or locations. It is a great idea to pick a course that does not only cover the basic curriculum but also other skills that will improve your driving ability. Usually, the courses are available in various packages to fit your skill level and needs. 


The prices often vary from different driving schools. You can request a quote from various schools and compare whichever fits your budget best. You should also confirm if there are no hidden fees to avoid surprises.

If you are looking to save more money, you can look out for driving schools offering packages combining different courses. These packages usually come at different prices and at a discounted rate compared to signing up for the courses individually. 

Furthermore, another way to save on driving courses is to look for schools offering financial aid options. For instance, some schools may offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and persons earning low income. While budgeting is important, it is always a great idea to invest in high-quality driving schools approved by the MTO. 


When it comes to simplifying your driving education experience, your school’s location plays an important role. You can choose a school within proximity of wherever you plan to travel from, whether your home or workplace.

Besides proximity to you, you should also consider the area where the school is located. Ensure that the school gives easy access to different kinds of practice areas, including commercial locations and residential areas. You can also look for high-standard driving schools that offer pick-up and drop-off services to help with your transportation needs. 

While location plays a huge role in making your learning experience seamless, you wouldn’t want to leave out other factors like MTO approval, curriculum, and instructor qualification.   


If you’ve found a driving school offering courses within your budget and claim to have qualified instructors, you should always take an extra step to gather reviews both in-person and online. Reviews are a great way to gain insight into areas like the school’s teaching methods, schedule flexibility, and education quality. You can ask your family members, friends, or past students from the schools about the quality of education in the respective driving schools.

You can also check for online reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, and Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, you can take an extra step to interact with the instructors in person to see if their teaching methods align with your preference. While searching for reviews, be sure to confirm the authenticity of the review and if the reviewer is being unnecessarily biased.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a driving school can be quite stressful, considering that the choice you make will determine your access to quality education. While it may be tempting to choose an institution based on popularity among locals or your social group, you should consider a ton of factors, ranging from location to price and curriculum. You should also ensure the instructors have the requisite qualifications and that their teaching style fits your preference. These factors will surely guide you in choosing the right driving school for you in Markham, helping you acquire reliable long-term driving skills.

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