Parallel Parking Tips For Drivers Test In Ontario

Parallel Parking Tips For Drivers Test In Ontario

Wants parallel parking tips for drivers test in Ontario?

Several new drivers often think about challenges they would face in passing the driver’s test. If we talk about driver’s test in Ontario, parallel parking can be a nerve-wrecking test for many drivers. However, if you know the secrets of pulling off the techniques and practices, you can ace the maneuver with confidence.

Let’s delve into some essential tips to help you prepare for parallel parking test in Ontario.

Mastering Parallel Parking For Passing Driver’s Test In Ontario

Practice until you are perfect

All the expert drivers must have followed the one voice “practice makes perfect”. It holds a true value in acing parallel parking.

The more you practice, the more comfortably you can park your vehicle. Look out for an empty parking lot or a quiet street where you can practice the parking skills regularly. Remember that repetition is a key in building muscle memory and boosting confidence behind the wheel.

Visualize before you move-in

Passing a driver’s test in Ontario requires expert visualization. Before attempting parallel parking, take out a moment to visualize the technique.

Picture the scenario and see how smoothly you can fit the car into the parking spot. Aligning your car perfectly with the curb should be the next big thing.

Often, drivers don’t pay much attention to visualization. However, it helps alleviating anxiety and improving overall performance during the test.

Understand the test criteria

Getting yourself familiar with the parallel parking criteria is the utmost important step. You should check out the criteria in Ontario’s driver handbook. It will help aligning you with the driving techniques that counts in passing the test.

Understand the dimensions of the parking space. You must know which dimensions are acceptable in terms of passing the test. The test requires evaluating the driver on the basis of such steps. These include distance from the curb, positioning of the vehicle, and use of signals and mirrors.

Finding the right spot

The most crucial step in the test is finding the right spot. In parallel parking, you should look for a space that is at least one and a half time the length of the vehicle.

At this point, signal your intention to park and stop your vehicle parallel to the parked cars. Leave about two feet of space between your vehicle and the one in front of yours.

Precise positioning

Since you are doing really well, it is time to understand precision. At this point, you should position your vehicle to the parked cars, ensuring that your rear bumper aligns with the rear bumper of the parked car.

Also, leave enough room for maneuvering without crowding the vehicles on either side.

Check mirror and blind spots

Well, you are almost there. But it is essential to fix all the significant parts in your car that contribute in following the accurate parking techniques.

Check your rear-view mirror and side mirrors to assess traffic and pedestrians behind you. Also, perform a shoulder check to ensure blind spots are accurate for any approaching vehicles. It will save you from falling off the driver’s test.

Turning techniques

To indicate your intention to parallel parking, you must turn on your right turn signal. Hold tight and slowly reverse your vehicle while you turn the steering wheel sharply to the right.

At this point, you need to straighten the wheel and continue reversing until your vehicle is parallel to the curb.


Parallel parking is not a piece of cake for every driver. Sometimes, even the professionals don’t get it straight, and then they face the challenge. Hence, these tips will help you in getting there. Remember to stay calm and focused. You should practice regularly to increase your chances of passing in the driver’s test.

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