G1 Knowledge Test

Preparing for Your G1 Knowledge Test: Essential Tips and Study Resources

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The G1 test is necessary if you live in Toronto and want to get your driver’s license. The G1 test evaluates your knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, and safe driving procedures.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we walk you through this thrilling journey of learning everything about Toronto’s traffic signs, taking test exams to make sure you’re ready for the real thing, and receiving study materials and advice to help you drive safely through some of the most breathtaking countryside in Canada.

Understanding the G1 Knowledge Test

In Toronto, obtaining a G1 license requires passing the written knowledge exam known as the G1 test. There are two sections to the G1 test: twenty questions on road signs and twenty questions about traffic laws. You must properly answer 16 questions in each part to pass the exam.

You must pass a vision test in addition to the written exam. The G1 examines your understanding of traffic laws, signs on the road, and other topics.

You should be aware of the following about the G1 exam:

  • There is no time restriction.
  • It is accessible in more than 24 languages, including French and English.
  • After submitting it, it will be evaluated immediately, and you’ll find out quickly if you passed or failed.
  • Usually, the Drive Test site uses a computer to administer it, but you have the option to use another method if necessary (e.g., audibly, on paper)
  • If you don’t pass, you may repeat the exam as soon as possible (after waiting in line once more) and as many times as necessary to pass; each time, there will be a cost.

Resources for Preparing Your G1 Knowledge Test

  • The Official MTO Driver’s Handbook

This is an excellent resource because it covers every subject that will be on the G1 exam. Additionally, it is written in plain, understandable language and includes graphics to aid with information visualization. Getting a copy of the MTO driver’s handbook is essential since it provides all the information required to pass the G1 exam. In addition, it offers driving advice and a practice test.

For a few bucks, you may purchase digital or hard copies online from your local Drive Test facility or some retail establishments (like Shoppers Drug Mart), or you can browse the online version for free.

  • Free Online Practice Tests

You can find them on many websites; they’re an excellent method to gain more practice before your G1 exam.

Search for “free G1 practice exam” on Google, and many possibilities will appear. However, keep in mind that not every exam is made equal. Choosing a reliable source is vital since some may not be factual.

  • Driver’s Education Videos on YouTube

Seeing well-chosen YouTube videos is a fantastic additional strategy to prepare for your G1 test. Many channels are available that provide educational, functional films on everything from defensive driving techniques to traffic laws.

The most significant thing is that they’re all free of charge! But remember that this won’t be sufficient on its own; to be well prepared, you must combine this with additional resources.

Tips for Preparing for Your G1 Knowledge Test

You must pass your G1 knowledge test to be eligible for a G1 license. Here are some pointers to help you ace the test:

  • Get to know the basics

A few fundamentals—traffic laws, right-of-way, and road signs—are the foundation of many G1 questions. Learning these fundamentals and determining the answer to the question based on them is an excellent place to start. Learning the fundamentals will make memorizing content simpler.

  • Complete practice exams.

Taking practice tests is a fantastic approach to being ready for your G1 knowledge examination. You may get more used to the test’s structure and the kinds of questions you might anticipate seeing by taking these practice exams. Utilize the various internet tools accessible to you, as they provide free G1 practice exams.

  • Notice test patterns

As you continue to take practice tests, you’ll see that the test tends to follow specific patterns. For instance, the pedestrian has the upper hand in most situations involving right-of-way disputes. Lastly, honking your horn is nearly never the solution. While these trends won’t always remain true, recognizing and considering them might assist with difficult decisions.

  • Carefully read the questions.

Trick questions might appear in the G1 test. Because a few incorrect responses might be the difference between passing and failing, thoroughly study each question to ensure you understand the question and all options.

  • Avoid Common Mistakes

It’s easy to forget little things, like the distinction between yield and stop signs or those speed limits in school zones vary at different times of the day. You should avoid falling victim to these typical mistakes on test day.

  • Make an effort to remain composed.

Performance might be impacted by test anxiety. Use techniques to control your nervousness and maintain composure throughout the G1 exam. Engage in visualization exercises, positive self-talk, and deep breathing. Remember that you’ll succeed if you prepare well and have faith in your skills and expertise.


Your overall level of knowledge and degree of confidence will determine how much preparation you require. Enrolling in a thorough online preparatory course might be worthwhile if you’re having trouble understanding the subject matter. If not, use the free resources and make the additional effort to ensure you are well-prepared.

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